Welcome to the Reading & District Fuchsia Society. We are a friendly Society who all like growing and showing Fuchsias. Our aim is to further and encourage an interest in growing fuchsias. 

Whilst we encourage interest in Fuchsia growing, we do have guest speakers talking on other subjects as can be seen from the yearly Programme.

Come along to one of our meetings for just £1 (non member) and you never know, you may want to come back. 


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Fuchsia News - July 2015


Dates for Your Diary 

Pete & Di Boor

Fuchsia Talk

Monday 28th September at 7.30pm in Maiden Place Community Centre, Lower Earley, Reading

Sid Garcia

Instructional Evening

Monday 12th October at 7.30pm in Maiden Place Community Centre, Lower Earley, Reading


Activities of Reading & District Fuchsia Society 2014

The Society has had a very active year commencing in March with a weekend visit to Katrien Michiels Fuchsia nursery in Belgium. This was a very enjoyable experience and lots of Fuchsias were purchased, some of which are not available in the UK. Katrien made us very welcome and another trip to her nursery is being organised for March 2015.

The usual Pagoda Sale was held in Woodley during May which is where quite a lot of our fundraising is done. We sell plants, bric-a-brac, books in fact anything that will make a few pence.

The Society was again invited to the MERL Village Fete (Museum of English Rural Life) in June where plants were displayed and sold, and advice given on growing. Once again, this is one of our fundraising ventures.

The Mini Show was held in July where each member can bring along a plant in each of 3½”, 5” and 6” pots when the members become judges, and with a show of hands say which plant they consider the best. The winner of each class is then put to a final vote to find the overall winner. All good fun and enjoyed by everyone.

The Annual Show in July, held for the past fourteen years at the Henry Street Garden Centre, is the highlight of the year with a fine display of different cultivars and varieties of Fuchsia being shown. The weather was good once again for us and the positioning this year of the Show was excellent. We hold a raffle and tombola and collect prizes from various sources all year round.

Jenny held a B-B-Q again at her house in August when about twenty members attended and an excellent evening was had by everyone. A raffle was held which helped with the fundraising. Fortunately the weather was good but with strong winds and rain forecast for the following day, the gazebo was taken down at the end of the evening by several strong members!

During August, several of our members took plants to the British Fuchsia Society’s London Show where they met with success.

The Society was invited for the first time to the Southcote Gardeners’ Association Annual Show and we put on a display of plants and Fuchsia Lore. We gave away small Fuchsia plants to those showing an interest. We have been invited back again next year.

Henley Show in September was our final venture for the year, the Society putting on a display and giving general advice on the culture of the plants. This proved very popular and we have been asked if we would like to attend again in 2015.

A meeting is held each month in the winter and two meetings each month during the lighter evenings, when a speaker is invited to talk – not only about Fuchsias but about horticulture in general. We sometimes have a speaker who will relate his experiences in his area of expertise. (See our Programme for 2015 which gives details).

Two Brownie packs from Tilehurst were each given a Fuchsia cutting in March and one of our members visited the pack each month to show them how to pinch them out in order to make them into bushier plants and potting on when necessary. This is the third year we have endeavoured to get Brownies involved including some packs from other parts of the town, although only the Tilehurst Brownies joined us this year.

Our year ends with the AGM which is followed by a Christmas Social which involves a get-together of members. Food is provided by the members and we usually have music provided by Trudy who also provides us with a musical quiz.


RDFS Newsletter - September 2014

Dates for your Diary

Following the very successful trip to Belgium in March this year, Paul and Brenda are organising a further trip next year. The date is 20th/22nd March. We will be travelling on Friday to Bruges and spend Saturday sightseeing in Bruges. Sunday morning we will visit Katrien Michiels Nursery before journeying back to Calais and the boat trip back to Dover. If you would like to go, please contact Paul. 


Firstly our own Show which was held in July. It was an exceptionally good show with lots of plants on the show bench, and although the weather was hot once again, we were given a different setting at Henry Street Garden Centre which proved very successful.

I hope that you have enjoyed a good summer and managed to visit some of the Shows, particularly the ones put on by the BFS. The London Show was the 75th Anniversary of the first BFS Show and was well supported at Normandy - the English one not the French one! Several of our members met with success.

The Society was invited to attend the Southcote Gardeners’ Association Annual Show which was held on the 30th August at the Blessed Hugh Faringdon School, where we displayed Fuchsias, Fuchsia Lore and handed out leaflets. Information was given on how to take cuttings and some small hardy plants were handed to those interested. There was an offer of free plants if anyone joined our Society. It was a very friendly show and we have been invited to attend again next year.

Several R&DFS members attended the Windsor Show which is held at the beginning of August. The standard is always very high and it was a very pleasant afternoon out.

Terry’s Tips for September

Well the season is over for showing, so not forgetting about our Fuchsias for over wintering and preparing for our shows next season is the next thing we will be thinking about. I have already cut some of my plants back now to give them a chance to show some growth before the colder weather is up on us.

See more of Terry's Tips and the Show Results

Fuchsia News July 2014

Dear All

Summer has arrived at last – and although the plants like us are a bit confused – all seems to be budding up at last!

As usual a few notes before we start!

  • Please feel free to use the contents of this newsletter in your own publications!

  • Please remember to check if your affiliation fees are still outstanding, if they are this is why you haven’t had your show awards! To save a panic – please contact me as soon as possible! If you are uncertain then please contact me – sooner rather than later

  • At an Affiliated Society show some years ago - some BFS members insisted that they were able to get in for free as it was a part of their membership to the BFS. If anyone does suggest that this is so - the answer is no! BFS membership only covers the Regional BFS shows and definitely not yours. Also please can you point out to anyone who thinks that as they are a member of your society that they are automatically a member of the BFS – which they are not! It is you the Society that are affiliated and not the members!


Fuchsia News Spring 2014

Dear All

As ever I start commenting on the weather!! As I type this the weather does seem to think that spring has sprung! Will it last – we will have to wait and see! Also will it ever stop raining…?

As usual a few notes before we start!

  • As ever, please feel free to use any article etc from any edition of Fuchsia News – they are there for your newsletters etc.

  • A quick reminder – Affiliation fees are due £18 please! Most Societies are paid up to date but if not please can you send me the order for show awards by the end of June – so that it is not too much of a rush

  • My thanks to everyone who sends their newsletters and lets me use their articles for Fuchsia News, it my makes life – so much easier!

  • Please don’t forget to check on your Society details on the BFS website, we do try and keep it up to date as much as possible, but we do need your input! Let me know and I will update your entry. If we are advertising your show on your entry – please don’t forget to include a postcode – so many of us use a satnav and a postcode makes it so much easier.


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Reading and District Fuchsia Society week-end trip to Belgium

On behalf of RDFS my wife and I organised a trip to Katrien Michiels Fuchsia Nursery.

We left Reading early on the Friday morning picking up fuchsia friends along the way to Dover Port where two more people met up with us.

Friday was basically travelling to our hotel just outside Brussels. On Saturday we visited the Botanical Gardens of Belgium in the morning before going in to the centre of Brussels for the afternoon and early evening.

On the Sunday we visited Katrien, and this was the highlight of the visit. Katrien opened up just for us and laid on light refreshments. This is the largest Fuchsia Nursery in Europe and Katrien told us she has over 6000 plants. All plants are sold in 10cm pots. We spent just over 2 hours there before heading home to catch an early evening ferry before arriving back in Reading at about 9pm.

This one of the feedbacks I received.

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